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terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Letter from Obama as an attorney

Letter from Obama Lawyer

Posted by: Celia Nizo di [celia.di.nizo @]
On 28/07/2011
A lawyer named Barack Hussein Obama II, at the time, 1995,
community leader, founding member of the board of directors of the organization
non-profit Public Allies, a member of the board of directors of the foundation
philanthropic Woods Fund of Chicago, a lawyer in advocacy
professor of civil and constitutional law at the Law School
University of Chicago, Illinois (and current president of
United States of America) on one occasion asked for a loan
on behalf of a client who lost his house and wanted a hurricane
rebuild it.
He was a statement that the loan would be granted as soon as he
could present the original title to the share of
property that was being offered as collateral.
Attorney Obama took three months to track title
property dated 1803.
After sending the information to the Bank, received the following
To learn more, click below for more information
"After a review of your loan application, it was noted
presented a certificate of registration building.
We must commend the request in detail, but it takes
note that you have only the title of property since 1803. For the request is approved, you will need to present it
with the record prior to that date. "
Annoyed, the lawyer Obama replied as follows:
"We received your letter concerning Case No. .189156.
We found that you want it to appear in the title
property beyond the 194 years covered by this record.
In fact, we were unaware that any educated person who made the
in this country, particularly those working in the area of
property, did not know that Louisiana was purchased by the U.S.
France, in 1803.
For clarification of this uninformed bureaucrats Bank
reported that the title to the land of Louisiana, before the U.S. have the
his property was obtained from France, who had acquired
right of conquest of Spain.
The land came into possession of Spain by right of discovery made in
year 1492 by a navigator and explorer of the seas called
Christopher Columbus married Dona Filipa, the daughter of a browser
Perestrelo name.
This person Columbus was respected by kings and popes, and even dare
advise you to read his biography to assess the seriousness of their
deeds and intentions. This man seems to have been born in 1451 in
Genoa, a city which was then ruled by
merchants and bankers, conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte in
1797 and now part of the Region of Liguria, the Italian Republic.To him, Colombo, had been granted the privilege of seeking a new
route to India by Queen Isabella of Spain.
The good queen, being a pious woman and almost as cautious
with titles like your bank, took the precaution
to secure the blessing of the Pope, while selling the
her jewels to finance Columbus' expedition.
Currently, the Pope - so we are sure that you
know - is the emissary of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and God - is
commonly accepted - created this world out of nothing with the words
Divine: Fiat lux, which means "Let there be light" in Latin.
So I think it's safe to assume that God was also possessed
the region called Louisiana because before there was nothing.
God, therefore, would be the owner and its primitive origins
date back to before the beginning of time, to our knowledge and
Bank also.
Hopefully, for your complete satisfaction, you are able to
find the original credit application made by God.
Gentlemen, if we endure some doubts about the origin and deeds of the
discoverer of this land, I can tell you that this doubt,
certainty even, God alone has that many historians and
researchers concluded that based on documents, Christopher
Columbus was born in Cuba (Portugal), and not in Genoa (Italy), as
official is:
According to them, First, Christovam Colon, was the name Salvador
Gonçalves Zarco, chose to persuade the Catholic Kings
Spain to finance his trip to Route Indies, the West,
thus hiding their true identity.
Second, this nickname does not appear by accident, because Christopher
is associated with St. Christopher, who is the protector of travelers (there
including an island named Saint Christopher).
Christopher, who also comes from Christ, who propagate the faith, where
walks, adds that Christ is associated with Salvador (1 name
true of the illustrious navigator).
Colon because the abbreviation is derived from the settler and the symbol of
their signatures. "" (Two quotes, two points in the middle).
Third, Salvador Gonçalves Zarco, is proven,
was born in Cuba (Portugal) and is the illegitimate son of the Duke of Beja and
Isabel Gonçalves Zarco.
Fourth, it was customary at the time, to give browsers
first lands discovered, religious names, in his case, was St.
Salvador (Bahamas), coincidentally or not, stems from his
real first name, the second named Cuba (Homeland), and
then Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), because
was employed by the Spanish Crown.
Fifth, the "passion" of the seas, was in the family Zarco,
in particular, João Gonçalves Zarco, the discoverer of Porto
Ghost (1418), with Tristan Vaz Teixeira and Madeira (1419),
with the father of "Christovam Colon," Bartholomew Perestrelo.Por order in the sixth, there are islands in the Caribbean, with reference to Cuba
(Besides the mentioned Cuba, St. Vincent, then there was the Chapel of
St. Vincent, then the village of Cuba).
Later (Sec-XVI), was built the present Church of St.
Are coincidences (alias, name of the islands, noble family connected
the sea, lived and married in Porto Santo, an island that is located on Route
The West Indies), more than enough to be in
presence of Salvador Gonçalves Zarco and consequently the
Portuguese Christovam Colon.
Christovam Colon died in Valladolid (Spain) in 1506, with the
his bones were transferred to Seville in 1509, yet in
1544, went to the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, then colony
Spanish, satisfying the testamentary intention of the prestigious
The odyssey of the bones would not be here, because in 1795, the
Spaniards had to leave Santo Domingo, the bones having been
transferred to Cuba (Havana), for in 1898, after
independence of the island, been deposited in the Cathedral of Seville.
Coincidence or not, in 1877, the Dominicans, to rebuild the
Cathedral of Santo Domingo, found a small tomb, with
bones and entitled "Admiral Christovam Colon."
There on the island of Madeira and the Azores, people from families Zarco,
direct descendants of João Gonçalves Zarco and consequently
Mother's (Isabel Gonçalves Zarco) of Colon Christovam available
to give a sample of your hair for scientists to analyze their DNA and to compare their results in the bones
browser, if indeed they are the claims for this Bank
certify the origin of the browser.
As for God, I have no biography, only know that if the
could even the greatest and most powerful computer on the planet do not
would be enough to hold a summary of the summary of it, for
I suggest you politely and after much thought, which, being
bankers, and so powerful, I have tried your means.
Now that everything is clear, can we have our
loan? "
Barack Hussein Obama II
* The loan, of course, was granted .*


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